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China LED photoelectric enterprise set up the fund 1 billion yuan industry in Be

Release time: 2015-06-03 08:36 Views:

 China LED photoelectric enterprise set up the fund 1 billion yuan industry in Beijing




Recently, by the world bank fund, grain world with love posen low-carbon technology co., LTD of China LED photoelectric industrial fund 1 billion yuan was formally established in Beijing.

Love posen low-carbon technology co., LTD, the chief operating officer - ouyang good LED indicates that the current global skills patent LED bulbs, LED manufacturers, LED bulb price more than half is held by a small number of large companies in Europe and the United States developed countries, Chinese companies are hard to find the breakthrough LED domestic enterprises want to obtain further development, we must break the patent surrounded by layers of, constantly to improve the core skills.

According to the relevant personnel, the establishment of the fund will be LED to China such as low carbon environmental protection energy-saving industry benign development play an important promoting effect.

Beginning in 2012, the global market for all disabled for incandescent lamp, for LED energy-saving lamps run out of the huge market space, because the LED fluorescent lamp after a few years be as samples of the country's energy conservation and environmental protection industry, attract a lot of capital investment, during the first origin is: traditional lighting company, electronic professional, social capital. But the domestic LED market compared with foreign city is not mature, also caused the although professional rapid increase, but the increase of the mall is behind the investment increase, so have to compete on price, the competitiveness of the goods have to rely on cheap.