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Current status of domestic LED lamp inspection standard analysis

Release time: 2015-06-03 08:37 Views:

Current our country to use LED lamp inspection specification are began to follow the European specification, and a few days ago, the national quality inspection center, professor specifically explained the national specification and relevant information about the LED lamp test. Introduction to the relevant departments, the current our country use specification is to follow the European standard for the proposed, automotive led lights specification is 25991, it is the content of the basic and ECE - R112, almost on test method is the same.



In terms of light distribution function, the LED headlamps contentment function of light distribution and dazzling demand, LED manufacturers, LED headlamps LED module in price test tubes to give it a 13.2 V voltage; In terms of color, specification requirements LED red light component in the visible light range, content to satisfaction is greater than or equal to 0.05. About LED light detection, because the LED light source and luminosity, chromaticity, temperature sensitivity, so the photometric measurement requirements must be safe before time. In respect of the experiment voltage, LED lamp and light have clear rules experiment voltage, then that is for light distribution measurement value adjustment, the current standard is headlamps and front fog lamp needs 0.7 changes