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How to understand the LED energy-saving lamps stroboscopic problems will occur a

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 How to understand the LED energy-saving lamps stroboscopic problems will occur after turn off



In our life, turn off the LED energy-saving lamps, occasionally there will be a very regular stroboscopic phenomenon. This is because we control the light switch in the above the zero line, not on the line of fire. When we turn off the switch after, because the line of fire and then the LED lamp circuit are connected, so there will be a capacitance in circuit, LED manufacturers, LED lamp price will cause the ac current formation, makes a current through the tubes, then, is to be able to live. The LED light has a discharge process, so the stroboscopic would happen. That we how to solve this problem?

First of all, it will not damage the tubes, don't worry, just the LED fluorescent substances were found in high-energy excitation phenomenon of natural light. After turn off the lights, energy supply, stopped flash will grind to a halt.

Secondly, working in LED energy-saving lamps, strong ultraviolet radiation. In this under the excitation of ultraviolet (uv), within the tube wall of phosphor will emit nearly white visible light.

Finally, because after turn off the lights, lamp within the temperature will be higher, so mercury vapor still exist, it seems, of course, there will be a stroboscopic.