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LED lighting products subsidies will be out of the market potential is tremendou

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On June 10, is the national low carbon, in the expansion of the pressure of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in all areas of low carbon are also deeply. Development and reform commission (NDRC) xie zhenhua, deputy director of 9 in the morning at the fifth ditan BBS said that our country lags behind the expected energy conservation and emissions reduction schedule, finish the target need to continue to work hard, the key to energy saving low carbon enterprise financial support and preferential tax policies.


In the field of energy saving electricity, LED the substitution effect is prominent. According to the report, China and the United Nations development program (undp), the global environment facility to carry out the "China to phase out incandescent light bulb, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps" project (hereinafter referred to as Pileslamp) over the past five years, the accumulative total sales by the end of 2009-2009 annual capacity to 650 million, accounting for about 16% of incandescent lamp production in the country. The project department, deputy director of the Lv Fang told reporters that the next step, will eliminate roadmap, according to the national to speed up the promotion of project of replacement.


Further, reporters learned from Pileslamp project department, energy-saving lamps subsidy policy since 2008 will end at the end of the year, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance and other departments are studying the policy of financial subsidies to promote LED lighting products, the form of subsidies and strength will be based on the promotion of energy-saving lamps, combined with the characteristics of the LED accordingly.


According to introducing, the service life of the energy-saving lamp in 6000 hours, is 6 times of incandescent lamp, replace incandescent lamp power saving 60% to 80%. The service life of the LED is 3 times of energy-saving lamps, power consumption is only about 60%. Manufacturer of LED, LED bulb price xie was introduced on project start ceremony, "phase out incandescent light bulb project" expected effect directly about 4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity saving and 4.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission reduction ability, project 10 years after the end of 1.75 237 million tons of carbon dioxide.


In recent years, tighter carbon emissions constraints. Countries in 2011, according to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap released in October 1, prohibit the import and sale more than 60 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. As the assessment map near the time, will further accelerate the speed. A LED a listed company executives told reporters that the total amount of the national lighting market last year, 260 billion, nearly 80% are energy-saving lamps, according to the LED the market share of 20% by 2015-30% of the data computation, the LED has huge potential.


"Because mercury, energy-saving lamps not environmental protection, many local governments are cancelled subsidies for energy-saving lamps, LED manufacturers, LED bulb price for household lighting LED price and environmental effects have been fully reflected, LED subsidies is expected to be introduced in time right now." He said.


Began to return to the personage inside course of study analysis, the LED industry boom last year, a few years ago the 5 w LED lamp price is the same brightness three to four times the size of energy-saving lamps, in recent years, however, the upstream chip prices fell at an annual rate of about 30%, the cost of the country, LED to the 2013 terminal product prices in line with energy-saving lamps, the LED industry is expected to be entered into the phase of fully replace the traditional lighting products.